Wednesday, August 02, 2006


There is no rule more invariable than that we are paid for our suspicions by finding what we suspected.
- A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers - by Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Media Attention

With all of the media resources apparently available to Ms. Blake, has she not just come out and said what she needs to say and shown what she needs to show? Instead of sneaking around on the web, posting fragments of this supposedly shocking video, couldn't she have just sent a copy to all of the major news media? Yes.. she could have. Then, the real question is, why didn't she? Because she loves the attention.

In her interview at Entertainment Weekly she had the opportunity to tell the reporter something of substance... anything of substance... but she didn't. She lamented that The Hanso Foundation is placing ads during the LOST Tv show and that people are after her. The only thing she said of value, in my mind, is "If I didn't hide it all over the Web and bury it on corporate sites, those [expletive]-ers would wipe it out. Only chance I have at getting the truth out there is ''gamesmanship.''

If these were in fact fragments of video that she placed all over, then it comes to reason, those tracking the glyphs would find real video snippets and not have to go to Ms. Blake's website to enter the code to see the snippet that, in my limited mind, is on her site or linked from her site to begin with.

Ms. Blake likes the game, she loves the attention.. and she is getting it...

Saturday, July 29, 2006

State of Affairs

After diligent searching all over the web - this is the only PRO Hanso Foundation website. As a result, and after much thought, I have come to the following conclusion:

There must be others like me, but they are too scared to post anything PRO Hanso out of fear of being singled out for their support. I say this because I cannot be the only person who likes what the Foundation is doing. This is along the lines of liking or not liking the UN, Microsoft, Dell, Quest, ANWAR Drilling, or Growing Pains. Dissenters always make more noise than those in favor. What's the saying? The squeaky wheel gets the grease? Ms. Blake is making a lot of noise. Its time to give her a tune-up.

Do you hear me Ms. Rachel Blake? I will expose you and the lies you are propagating in your version of 'truth'. I will not allow you to continue to slander The Hanso Foundation and the actors, writers and producers of an ABC television series that is FICTION. I will expose your true motivation behind harassing the Foundation.

Persephone/Rachel Blake

Ms. Blake is the president of the 'Hate Hanso' club.

As she admitted on her blog, Rachel is Persephone. Persephone is a hacker. Under this hacker guise, Ms. Blake infiltrated the Hanso Foundation website, and brought it to its knees. As a direct result the Foundation website is closed.

Rachel Blake is a cyber criminal. Even under Danish law it is illegal to unlawfully enter into a computer system. But, not only did she break into the Foundation's websites but she also STOLE (her assertion) Foundation information and passed this information onto the whole world. My assertion is that the 'information' Ms. Blake passed on as 'truth' in the form of supposed internal documents is in fact bogus fabrications.

Why do I make this assertion? Easy... aside from bad copies and pictures of the documents, who has seen and verified that the purported documents/signatures are, in fact, genuine? Why did Ms. Blake take a job with Widmore? To get close to The Foundation. Ms. Blake has an agenda... a personal and twisted one. How hard was it for Ms. Blake to get copies of other VALID internal documents, cut and paste signatures, copy letter head and MAKE her own? Not hard. Widmore and The Hanso Foundation are in the same building.

I'll address Ms. Blake's video blogs later.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Joop, the subject of Rachel Blake's public outburst at Comic-Con, is a 105 year old Orangutan. He is the 'proof' that the Hanso Foundation is working on, and making progress with, its Life Extension program. And everyone acts like its a bad thing! I wanna be 105! Hell, 150!

Ever since the Hanso Foundation went public - using TV ads - in May 2006 - Joop has been the oppositions rallying cry. Joop is doing well from all accounts - I have yet to see anything to the contrary. Though there has been at least one money making venture started as a result. That is the Save Joop website, making money by selling t-shirts to raise money... for what??? An 'Expedition' to save Joop from????

All I've been able to gather is that for some reason a 105 year old Orangutan needs to be taken from his keepers and placed somewhere else.

Why Hanso Now!??

As I see it, there are a lot of people out there trying to tear down the Hanso Foundation. This site is intended to put and end to the EVIL rumors and scare tactics propagated as TRUTH.

I am NOT related to the foundation. I am a huge fan of the foundations work around the world. My background is neither corporate or charitable, but local and special governments.

Site Will Be Up Soon

Once up, I hope Hanso Now! dispels the rumors and fear started by Rachel Blake in her campaign to smear the Hanso Foundation.